• Frequently asked questions

About NuServe

Are you a Living Wage Employer?

Everyone employed by NuServe is paid at least the National Living Wage (£8.72 p/h). Different to this is the Living Wage (£10.75 p/h in London, £9.30 outside London). We're a Recognised Living Wage Service Provider and we believe that every working adult should be able to provide for their family. That's why we've made it our mission to transition our entire workforce to Living Wage Foundation pay rates by 2022.

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely. We have £10m public and employment liability insurance and in some cases, for larger clients, this is increased to as much as £20m.

What accreditations do you have?

ISO9001 - Quality management systems

ISO14001 - Environmental management systems

Safe Contractor - Health & Safety management systems

What areas do you cover?

Our core focus is London and the South East. However, where customers have other offices around the country and wish to contract with a single supplier, we work with two partners to deliver a national service. Unlike many of the larger nationals, however, we’re able to provide our customers with access to a network of first class local partners, fully invested in the success of your cleaning operation. We provide a single point of billing and account management, with services delivered against shared SLAs, auditing and reporting templates.


How does your pricing compare with other cleaning companies?

The cleaning industry is super competitive. While this means that there will almost certainly be a company prepared to charge less than us, most decent cleaning companies charge similar prices. An unusually low price should sound a warning. Best value means that you don’t have to spend time managing a service you thought you’d paid to have managed for you.

How long will I need to sign a contract for?

Most of our contracts are for a 12 month period and, assuming everyone is happy, they roll on from there. In fact, our customers typically remain with us for over five years. We’re also confident enough to allow you to cancel within your 12 month contract period if you’re not happy with our service (so long as you agree to give us 10 days to put things right first).

How does invoicing work?

Invoices are typically sent out monthly. Most of our customers like to receive one consolidated invoice each month. Some customers also prefer to pay the same amount each month, so in these cases we calculate the annual cost of the service (including things like quarterly window cleans) and divide this by 12 to present a standard monthly invoice.

What's included in your price?

We always include the cost of cleaners’ wages, holiday pay, national insurance, pension, sick pay and cover. Additionally, we include the cost of training and account management and any uniform, PPE, equipment and materials that might be required. Consumables (toilet rolls, hand towels, waste sacks, soap etc) are typically billed separately, though in some cases we agree a fixed monthly amount for these services and we then reconcile this at year end. Periodic cleaning (window cleaning, carpet cleaning etc) and planned support services (maintenance, hygiene services, pest control etc) may be included in your monthly cost, or can also be billed separately on an ad-hoc basis.

Cleaning services

Do you do domestic cleaning?

Unfortunately, that’s not our thing. We stick to commercial cleaning, with specific expertise in office cleaning (our main thing), common area cleaning, school cleaning and cleaning of retail and public spaces.

Do you do one-off cleans?

Our core business focuses on regular daily cleaning; however, we are able to mobilise teams to complete one-off cleans where possible. Indeed, for our regular customers, we do this all the time.

What is the minimum size office you'd consider?

We have a minimum of two hours per shift. This typically equates to a 50 person office measuring between 3,000sq ft and 5,000sq ft.

Do you provide cover in the event of holiday/illness?

Absolutely. This is one of the big benefits of having a cleaning contractor. We employ a large number of really great people and when someone is off ill, we'll arrange for another member of our team to be inducted onto site so that they can provide an effective cover solution. Our team of Area Supervisors are also available to cover in the event of last minute, unplanned absences.

How will I know what cleaning is included/excluded?

When we’re putting together our initial agreement, we’ll provide you with a detailed cleaning specification that shows exactly what you can expect from us. This will set out the cleaning standards that we agree will be maintained and document any specific tasks that are included/excluded; for example, whether cups are to be collected from desks. We’ll also itemise the frequency of all periodic cleaning tasks, such as carpet and window cleaning.

How do you check that my cleaning is being carried out properly?

Our Contract Management team complete regular cleaning inspections and health & safety audits using either an iPad or mobile device. This let’s them score cleaning standards, SLA compliance and H&S management, as well as capture photos and notes. These reports are then made available to you and also shared with the Housekeeping team.

How do I leave feedback for the team?

As a first point of call, you can leave a note in the comments book, which we’ll provide. Additionally, you could call/email either our office or your assigned Account Manager. We have the ability to log a note for the cleaning team so that when they clock in they are presented with the note and must then acknowledge receipt.

What training do you provide for your team?

Our Contract Management team provide new team members with a full induction when they join NuServe. Following on from this, team members receive regular monthly ‘toolbox talks’, which focus on a particular skill.

Do you provide your team with uniform?

Yes. We have a fab uniform that consists of black chinos and a black shirt with some subtle NuServe branding. Housekeepers are also required to wear black closed toe shoes. In some cases we provide jumpers, jackets and/or safety shoes too (depending on the work environment).

Support services

Do you offer maintenance services?

Yes, we can offer both planned and reactive maintenance services. We will provide you with a schedule of hourly, half day and full day costs based on the trades you require. It’s almost always better value to sign up to regular scheduled visits and to group tasks together to be done when the engineer/handyman is on site.

Do you deliver support services yourself or do you use partners?

That depends on the service. We do use partners to deliver more specialist services. Where this is the case, we’ve typically been working with the chosen partner for some time, have a well established relationship, preferred pricing and have thoroughly vetted our partner’s quality, H&S and environmental credentials.

I don't see the service I'm looking for on your list of support services. Could you still help?

We’re always expanding our service offering so there is a very good chance we can help. Please get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for.

I'd like to become a service provider to NuServe. How do I apply?

We operate an approved and preferred supplier scheme. Please visit our contact page and complete the appropriate form. Someone will be in touch to let you know whether we’re looking for new suppliers in your field.


Are your consumables environmentally friendly?

All paper products (toilet rolls, hand towels etc) are supplied from sustainable sources. We provide a range of soaps to suit your needs. Our preference is always an environmentally friendly solution.

Who will order supplies when we're running low?

This depends on how you would like to do it. Most of our clients have us monitor supplies and order new stock when they are running low. At the end of each month, we then provide a report of everything that was ordered and either bill this separately or add it to the monthly invoice.

How does the delivery of snacks/fruit/drinks work?

We'll help you to decide what you're likely to need, based on the number of people in your office. We'll then deliver (either weekly or twice weekly) a fresh supply of fruit, snacks and/or drinks, depending on what package you've signed up to. You can change what you have at any time and if you have a special event, we can arrange a separate delivery to cater for this.

Isn't it cheaper for us to order supplies directly?

There will be instances where you can buy a particular product more cheaply but because we buy in bulk, we're usually able to offer better prices. Added to which, part of our service is the convenience we offer in managing everything for you so that you can focus on other things. Small savings, therefore, can turn out to be a false economy when you factor in your own time.