10 Dec 2020, 12:45

How To Host A Winning Office Christmas Party During The Pandemic

The office Christmas party is one of the most anticipated highlights of the social calendar, a hard-earned opportunity to kick back with colleagues, switch off after a stressful year and let your hair down. However, with local lockdowns, government measures and a global pandemic still raging, crowded indoor gatherings are off the table, so many companies have cancelled the annual knees-up.

The frolics may be on hold, but coronavirus doesn't have to be the grinch that stole the Christmas party. Here are some COVID-safe ideas for a fun and festive bash.

Lay On A Drive-In Movie Experience

Enjoy big screen blockbuster fun with a Christmas-themed movie night that will get everybody into the holiday spirit. Use the office parking lot and hire a giant LED screen. For extra fun, employees could dress up their cars with prizes offered for the most decorative, and you could pass out swag bags of sweets and other goodies.

Host A Virtual Party

Encourage some holiday cheer and keep your employees connected from their homes with a virtual Christmas party conducted over video conferencing platforms like Zoom, WebEx and Google Meet.

There are plenty of ways to get your teams to gather, laugh and enjoy each other's company online. For example:

Virtual Happy Hour: 

Before the event, send a shopping list of ingredients to employees to make two or more seasonal cocktail inventions. During the call, play some drinking games as well. At least if you have one tipple too many, you won't have too far to go to stagger into bed.

Cheese and Wine Tasting: 

Send cheese and wine boxes to everyone, which they open during the party. Discuss and vote for your favourites. If your employees turn their noses up at chunks of cheese, chocolate and wine will do the trick instead. 

Christmas Trivia Quiz: 

Embrace the spirit of the season with lots of yuletide-themed questions. You can also ask participants to bring makeshift buzzers.

Virtual Craft Sessions: 

Let your creative juices flow by sending craft kits to employees. Among the ideas are kits to make candles, Christmas decorations, gingerbread houses and Christmas crackers. During the party, put a time limit on the creative session and offer prizes for the best work.

Christmas Karaoke Competition: 

There's no reason why you have to miss out on a Christmas party favourite, a spirited, far from note-perfect singalong. YouTube has a wealth of karaoke tracks, or you can use apps such as Virtual Voicebox.

Organise A Virtual Secret Santa

A virtual Secret Santa works in the same way it always does, except it's online. Put everyone's name in a hat, set a budget and send the gifts to each recipient's address. Open them online during the party and let the guessing fun begin.

If you're time-pressed, consider hiring an eventing planning company to organise your virtual office Christmas party. They'll have lots of activities to choose from, such as virtual live music concerts, virtual murder mystery challenges, virtual bingo, virtual game shows and virtual lip-sync battles.

Santa Approved Fun

The strangest Christmas in most people's living memory is just around the corner. But with planning and a little imagination, you can still revel in holiday hijinks by throwing a Christmas office party to remember.