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Alternatives to chemical cleaning products

The harmful effects of chemical cleaning products on people’s health is fast becoming a hot topic. Ammonia, Phosphates & VOCs can all play havoc with people’s health.

For the sake of your staff, cleaners and the environment, why not consider switching from chemical based cleaners for a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Many of the top cleaning companies have either completely replaced their cleaning products with chemical-free alternatives, or at the very least offer them as an alternative. These new products clean just as well as conventional cleaners but do not harm indoor air quality.

Biological cleaning products

Rather than relying on harsh chemicals, acids and alkalis to break down dirt, biological cleaning products harness the power of nature. They use enzymes and good bacteria to break down dirt, grease and eliminate smells.

To learn more about our range on chemical-free, biological cleaning products, get in touch.

Some other alternatives that you may already find in your cupboards are…

Versatile vinegar

The mild acids in vinegar can solve all manner of cleaning problems. Vinegar can loosen dirt and grime in a flash – and bring surfaces to a clean shine.

Mix vinegar 50/50 with water and add it to spray bottles. The solution can then be used to clean surfaces around your office kitchen.

It can also be sprayed liberally on glass before being wiped down and rubbed up with old newspaper or a kitchen towel to bring a sparkle to your office windows.

Add a cup of distilled vinegar to your office kitchen dishwasher and run it through on a high setting (when it is empty, of course) to remove mildew and mould – and just give it an all-round clean.

If you work in a modern office with shower facilities, vinegar is also great for removing stubborn limescale from shower heads. Simply take off the shower heads and leave them in a mix of water and vinegar for a few hours (overnight if possible). Rinse off with fresh clean water and watch the limescale disappear before your eyes.

You should even notice that the shower seems much more powerful now that all that slime isn’t clogging up the jet sprays.

Lovely lemons

With antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, lemons are an ideal alternative to expensive cleaning products.

Chop a lemon in half and rub the juicy surface all over the oven rack wires in your office kitchen to bring off baked-on residue. Use the same technique to clean up chopping boards in no time.

If your office kitchen kettle is prone to calcium build up, add chunks of lemon to an almost-full kettle. Boil up the water and leave overnight before rinsing out thoroughly the next morning. That should leave your office brews calc-free for a while!

Lemon juice can also be added to your spray bottle of vinegar and water solution mentioned above for a fresher, cleaner after-fragrance. That’s one of the main reasons why you see lemon-scented cleaning products on the supermarket shelves all the time.

Now, these two great shoestring shortcuts do work very well in the short term. But, for a truly clean and hygienic office without cutting corners, there is no substitute for a deep, professional office clean using superior products.

 NuServe is a B Corp accredited commercial cleaning company providing ethical, chemical-free cleaning to facilities across London, South East and West Midlands. Get in touch for a competitive quote on our office cleaning services now.

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