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Customer Experience

When we engage potential customers, the story they share is often familiar. They’ve become frustrated with their cleaning contractor, they want change, they want to work with a partner that cares, makes things easy and allows them to focus their time where it’s needed.

Know you're valued

NuServe is a family business, with a flat operating structure and a Senior Team that is always happy to be involved. During mobilisation, we’ll introduce you to your personal Account Manager, from whom you can expect:

  • Personal accountability for contract standards
  • Regular visits
  • Quick responses/effective communication
  • Presentation of monthly audits & reports

This level of care is only possible because NuServe maintains a ratio of one Manager to 15 clients; a relationship commonly closer to 1:50 within the cleaning industry.

Tailored to your needs

It drives us crazy when we hear something “can’t be done”, “isn’t my job” or “isn’t in the contract”? That’s why you’ll never hear us say these words.

We know that nothing ever stays the same and that the service that made sense for you yesterday may not be right for you tomorrow. That’s normal. When a change in your business (or a pandemic!) necessitates a change to cleaning arrangements, we’ll be happy to work out a new solution that’s a better fit for your future.

Just as we don’t want you to feel stuck with a dated service, we also recognise that your building is unique and changing, and that a cookie cutter approach is seldom appropriate. When we mobilise your contract, we’ll prepare a bespoke cleaning plan, specification and training schedule, tailored to your building and your specific needs.

Respecting your time

Too often prospects tell us they dread or even avoid monthly meetings. They find them boring, a waste of time, nothing more than a rehashing of the month’s events.

We adopt a refreshingly different approach to meetings. We want you to come away from our time together feeling energised and positive about our proposed innovation, opportunities and improvements.

The format of the meeting is up to you. Some customers want to sit and chat over a coffee while others prefer something a little more formal. What every customer wants, however, is to feel that their time has not been wasted and that something has been achieved and/or learned.

A NuServe operative wiping down a door window.
Reclaim your day with

NuServe's cleaning services

We are helping to save our clients time by offering a range of commercial, specialist and support services.

Let’s elevate your
building cleaning together

With dedicated Account Managers supporting our clients across all aspects our services, we will work closely with you to guarantee the high standards we’re known for, so you can focus on what matters.

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