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Cleaning robots of the future

Cobots, or collaborative cleaning robots, are moving their way into the commercial cleaning industry.

What does cobotics mean?

Cobotics, as the name suggests, are collaborative robotic cleaning machines. That means that they work with cleaners, rather than replacing them.

These robotic cleaning machines are designed to automate repetitive and time-consuming cleaning tasks. Prime examples include vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing large floor surfaces.

Robotic cleaning- working alongside people

Traditionally, cleaning teams must dedicate significant portions of their workday towards these monotonous tasks. However, with a cobot on hand, operatives have more time to carry out higher-detail, higher-value tasks like touchpoint cleaning, and are better able to respond to reactive issues.

In an industry struck by labour shortages, cobotics provide much-needed aid to understaffed operative teams and cleaning companies struggling to source workers alike.

Bringing cobotics into the cleaning industry

Robotic cleaning technology is an innovation that has been on the NuServe radar for some time.

‘‘Innovation is a litmus test in that it has to deliver value for the customers… I think cobotics is a good example of that’- Simon Duke, NuServe Managing Director.

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