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Dust control mats- stop dirt at the front door

Door mats may be dull, but for keeping your reception area and office clean and safe, nothing beats a good dust control mat. Don’t believe us? Well here are just 3 reasons why your workplace needs dust control mats next year…

Safety first

Dust control mats create a much safer environment for both your staff and visitors too.

If it is wet outside (when isn’t it!?) then, without doormats, it will quickly become wet inside too. If your office entrance is wooden, marble or stone then they can quickly turn into hazardous surfaces as wet footfall enters your workplace.

Prevent slips, falls and injuries by getting some doormats to stop those risks from happening.

Also, by reducing dust levels in your workplace you will also be making a positive contribution to health levels in the office. Dust control mats can reduce allergies and illnesses throughout the workplace meaning that your staff will take fewer sick days.

First impressions count

A good dust control mat in your office reception or lobby can create a great first impression.

They also create a much cleaner reception area too, because they prevent dirt from spreading around the very first area which your visitors will come into contact with.

Although hard wearing dust mats are not necessarily the most attractive elements of office design, the choices and colours have improved over the years so you should be able to find something suitable to fit in with the surroundings at an affordable price.


Dust control mats keep the whole office cleaner

Good quality doormats don’t just keep your reception clean and safe. They also help to keep your whole office clean and safe.

Estimates suggest that up to 80 percent of dirt which is inside the typical London office is actually brought in from outside via the bottom of people’s shoes.

By stopping dirt, dust, mud and damp right at your entrance door, you are also preventing all of that debris from entering the rest of your office areas.

A knock on effect of that is that you will also be reducing both your maintenance and general cleaning costs throughout your office too. Indeed, some studies have revealed that good dust control solutions can reduce office cleaning costs by up to 70 percent. So you’d be mad not to get them!

So, now that you know why your office needs good quality dust control mats, the next thing you need to know is where to get them.

And that’s where we come in! We can provide your workplace with the best quality dust control mats on the market. Get in touch with us now for a quote…

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