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How to choose the very best pest control company

There are some problems around the office which you can tackle yourself- pest control is not one of them!

Whether you have a workplace invasion of rodents like mice and rats, insects like beetles and moths – or potentially poisonous spiders, it is time to call in the experts.

But how do you go about choosing the very best pest control company out there with so many to choose from?

Here are some questions to think about before picking up the phone…

Are they qualified to handle your specific pest control problem?

Some pest control providers specialise in one or two pests rather than being comprehensive exterminators of all pests.

Make sure to ask if they can deal with your particular infestation rather than just assuming that they will be an expert in your specific situation.

Can they both eradicate and stop the return of pests?

It simply isn’t enough to eradicate your pest control problem without also at least trying to do as much as possible to prevent the pests from returning in the future.

Of course, there are no cast iron guarantees that you won’t get a re-infestation somewhere down the line, but your chosen company should be able to tell you what measures they will take to stop the beasts making a comeback.

Can they provide you with good references?

If the pest control company has been in the business for a while (which they should have been) then they should have a good back history of references which they can call upon.

Ask to see some testimonials from previous satisfied clients. If they can’t provide any then that should raise some red flags for you.

You should also do your own research by googling the company’s name along with keywords like ‘reviews’, ‘feedback’ or ‘testimonial’ to see if the internet world is satisfied with them.

Are their chemicals safe for your workplace?

Ask the company which chemicals they will need to use to get rid of your pest (if any) and make sure that they can reassure you that they will be safe in your workplace.

Do they offer a free consultation?

A decent pest control outfit should be able to come and take a free initial look at your problem and tell you what they can do to help – without charging you a consultation fee.

Are the competitive on price?

Yes, we know that businesses should never compete on price, but if the price for pest control seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

There are plenty of good pest control companies out there with a wide range of prices, so do your homework and ensure you find one with a competitive (as opposed to bargain basement) price.

If you are reading this because your own workplace has already fallen victim to pests then we can tick the boxes above. Get in touch with us at Nuserve today for a highly competitive quote…

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