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NuServe's scavenger hunt at The Cleaning Show

Held at the Excel Centre in London, The Cleaning Show runs from the 14th-16th March and is a leading networking and innovation event for commercial cleaning companies and others in the cleaning and FM industry.

This March, the NuServe team attended the event but with a twist- we embarked on a scavenger hunt at the Cleaning Show, set up by NuServe’s senior management team.

As a commercial cleaning company, remaining innovative is part of our recipe for success so we highly value the opportunity to discover new innovations in cleaning technology, products, and services.

Scavenger hunt at The Cleaning Show

Four teams were set to roam the Cleaning Show completing tasks to find:

Each team was made up of a mix of NuServe staff across departments, featuring a team support and a team leader.

Our teams were tasked with picking a name, which must be based on commercial cleaning equipment, products, or services.

Gearing up for the challenge at the cleaning show

Here’s where the challenge comes into play.

In order the spirit of keeping the challenge fresh, we only published the specifics of the tasks our teams had to complete the day before The Cleaning Show.

Post-cleaning show, Directors Simon and Yvonne and the rest of the senior management team will determine the best-performing team based on their submissions.

Meet the teams


  • Amy (Honorary participant)
  • Georgina
  • Rosa (Team leader)
  • Rui
  • Vania
  • Team support assistant: Dax Goose

Bright Reds: 

Bright Reds team picture from the Cleaning Show.

  • Brandy (Team leader)
  • Carla
  • Cristian
  • Kellie
  • Mike
  • Team support assistant: Bernard Kirkman

Eco Hunters: 

  • Diana
  • Emese
  • Lauren
  • Nicola
  • Sarah
  • Warren (Team leader)
  • Team support assistant: Richard Lockwood 

Polished Perfectionists: 

Polished Perfectionists team photo from NuServe's scavenger hunt at The Cleaning Show.

  • Cindy
  • Louise
  • Pedro
  • Victor
  • Wendy (Team leader)
  • Team support assistant: Lizzy Thompson

What’s the difference between the team support and team leader?

While the team leader is tasked with, as the name suggests, leading their teams, the team support assistant is there to encourage and provide support, and will not be participating in the challenge itself.

Additionally, while team supports were assigned, team leaders were voted on.

After drawing the teams and their support personnel, each team member had the tough choice of voting for their team leader; we had at least one tie!

Challenge results

Our senior management team is tallying the marks and will be drawing up the results shortly. Which team will come out on top? We’ll be publishing our winners soon- stay tuned.

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