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Office washroom cleaning- our 4 essentials

The washrooms in your office are used by employees, clients, and guests every day, and the experience they have can make or break the impression of your facilities they leave with.

As a commercial cleaning company dating back to 1997, we have a wealth of experience in office washroom cleaning. Here are four of the considerations we take to keep our clients’ bathrooms clean, shiny, and fit for purpose.

Safety first

Your bathrooms demand perhaps the highest standards of cleanliness out of the whole of your building, and its users have high expectations.

These are a few of the measures we use in our office washroom cleaning services to put health and safety at the forefront.

Colour coded cloths

Our cleaning teams are trained strictly in the correct use of colour coded cloths to avoid cross-contamination of toilets with other areas of the bathroom and other spaces in the building.

Wet floor warning signs

You’re probably familiar with the yellow wet floor hazard sign, but it’s there for an important reason.

Cleaning uses water, and water can cause wet floors, posing a risk of slipping for anyone walking by. That’s why our cleaners will always place a hazard sign around areas they are cleaning that may get wet.

Office washroom cleaning frequency

The frequency your toilets will need to be cleaned depends in part on the business of your workspace- lavatories in a shopping centre will need around the clock cleaning, whereas a small office used by a team of 10 may find a weekly clean suitable.

Our clients receive full choice over their cleaning frequency to suit their needs; both in and outside the bathroom.

Touchpoint cleaning

Touchpoints can fly under the radar.

A touchpoint is an object or surface that people frequently touch, notable examples including door handles, stair railings, and keypads. Therefore, touchpoints are among the most contaminated areas of your building and require special attention.

Doors, stall locks, taps, soap dispensers, and hand dryers in bathrooms are subjected to frequent contact throughout the day in a typical office. However, these surfaces traditionally have not been given the vigorous disinfection they deserve. This issue is reflected by the popularity of sensor-based touchless bathroom systems.

This is why our cleaners are trained in the importance of touchpoints in our cleaning services.

Restocking washroom supplies

Ever been stuck with an empty roll of toilet paper after you’ve entered the stall?

Deciding a schedule to restock washroom supplies and partnering with seasoned suppliers can prevent running out of the essentials.

While we can recommended optimum restocking schedules, our clients get full customisation of the frequency of our supplies service.

Alongside the basics of soap, toilet paper, and refitting waste bins, amenities like air fresheners can elevate the impression your staff and clients have alike of your facilities as a whole.

Office washroom cleaning for a variety of facilities

No two office buildings are the same, and this extends to your office toilets.

Choices in flooring, wall, and bathroom fixture materials make a considerable impact in how our cleaners will approach cleaning your office washroom. Mirrors and glass surfaces will need care to avoid leaving streak marks- heritage tiling in a historic buildings demand tailored upkeep.

Planning your washrooms with ease of upkeep in mind can save on cleaning costs down the road.

Our expertise in cleaning has garnered us client satisfaction scores of over 90% across 150+ sites. Get in touch to discuss how we can elevate your building’s standard of cleaning.

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