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Should you allow your staff to bring their pets into the office?

More and more employers are allowing staff to bring their pets into the workplace. Huge employers like Amazon and Google are happy for their employees to have their pets in the office.

But, obviously, not all companies have the vast resources and facilities that Google and Amazon have access to.

So, how about companies like yours? What are the advantages and disadvantages of letting staff bring their dogs, cats (or other animals) into the office?

Let’s weigh up some pros and cons for you now…

Perfect pets- five pros of pets in the office

  1. Reduces stress levels – Studies have demonstrated that allowing staff to bring their pets to the office can reduce stress, anxiety and mental health issues
  2. Improved staff performance – Leading on from the last point…a less stressed office almost always results in a more productive workplace
  3. Reduces pet care costs for your staff – If your staff are currently forking out a fortune for pet care while they are at work, then allowing them to bring them to the office is like giving them a pay rise
  4. Recruitment incentive – Many candidates for your job vacancies will jump at the chance of bringing their pets to work, meaning you should be able to fill your roles easier
  5. Increases staff retention – Likewise, allowing your employees to bring their pets to work means they are less likely to want to up sticks and find another job which might be more accommodating towards their cherished animals

Problem pets- five cons

  1. Some people just don’t like pets – Half of your staff might love having animals around. The other half might hate them. Some employees could even have phobias about certain pets, so take everyone into consideration before making a decision.
  2. Can be distracting – Staff might want to spend more time with their pets than they do at their desks. They can be a distraction for other staff, too, who haven’t even got their own pets to bring to the office.
  3. The pet policy – If you don’t want trouble down the line then you’ll need to get a strict and comprehensive pet policy in place at the outset. What sorts of pets are allowed? Which areas are they allowed in? Are there circumstances which might lead to pets getting banned for bad behaviour?
  4. Allergies – Some of your staff may have allergies to certain animals. They may not even know they are allergic until you start letting your staff bring strange animals into the workplace.
  5. Need to clean thoroughly – Leading on from the last point, it’s massively important to keep your office clean from things like dog hairs which might contribute to allergies. And, let’s not forget that those dear pets might have an ‘accident’ in the office. Not nice at all!

Fortunately, we can help you negate those final negatives. We have a professional team of cleaning staff who can ensure your workplace is pristine even when our furry friends are around. Get in touch today for a quote.

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