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The 10 most shameful places in your office

The dirtiest place in your office would be the toilets, right?

Well, maybe not, in actual fact…

Although we all tend to feel like toilets are a hotbed of illness-inducing germs, there could be other more-surprising places in your office which could actually do with much more of a thorough clean.

According to a study of over 5,000 office surfaces by Kimberly-Clark Professional, a cleaning product manufacturer, you could be more likely to come into contact with harmful germs in the break room or the staff kitchen rather than the toilets.

The biggest culprit in your office could actually be the sink tap in your break room, with the study finding that 9 in 10 office taps were potentially dangerous and needed disinfecting immediately.

The Kimberly-Clark Professional study looked at the levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) found on various surfaces around hundreds of offices. ATP is a molecule which, if present, suggests that harmful bacteria and viruses are likely to be taking root and spreading too.

An ATP score of over 300 suggests that a surface is at high risk of spreading germs, bad health and illness. The study found that 3 in 4 break room taps, almost half of microwave door handles and more than a quarter of office keyboards and fridge door handles had an ATP reading of over 300!

You’ve probably touched one or more of those things at least once today already, haven’t you? Quite concerning really, isn’t it?

If you are still reading and want to know some other areas that could probably use a good clean in your workplace, then here are the top ten dirtiest parts of the typical office according to the Kimberly-Clark Professional study:

  1. Break Room Taps/Sinks
  2. Microwave Door Handles
  3. Office Keyboards
  4. Fridge Door Handles
  5. Water Fountain Buttons
  6. Vending Machine Buttons
  7. Computer Mice
  8. Desk Phones
  9. Coffee Pots
  10. Coffee Dispensers

Commenting on the study’s findings, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Arizona, Dr. Charles Gerba, a consultant on the Kimberly-Clark Professional project, said: “People are aware of the risk of germs in the toilets, but areas like break rooms have not received the same degree of attention. This study demonstrates that contamination can be spread throughout the workplace when office workers heat up their lunch, make coffee or simply type on their keyboards.”

Brad Reynolds, a Director at Kimberly-Clark Professional, added: “This study demonstrates that contamination is all over the workplace and has the potential to reach people where they eat and prepare food, as well as elsewhere. No one can avoid it entirely, but by washing, wiping and sanitizing, employees can reduce their rates of cold, flu and stomach illness by up to 80 percent.”

If this article has made you feel like your office surfaces could be a breeding ground for germs, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with professionals like us for a thorough office cleaning quote today.

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