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flexible workspaces cleaning
Flexible workspaces- how to navigate office cleaning regimes
As flexible working practices become more popular, office space has evolved to accommodate these new practices. In London alone, more than…
pigeon pest control London
5 ways to protect your empty office from pests
Investing in proper pest control services, practices, and policies is vital to protect your empty office. As the saying goes…
covid-19 facilities management
Coronavirus guidance and support for facilities managers
The current Coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak is starting to have a direct impact on UK workplace practices. This article will…
facilities managers
Common problems for facilities managers and the solutions
The role of Facilities Manager is varied and requires strong analytical and organisational skill-sets – attributes which are highly valued…
plastic recycling waste management
Why reusing plastic is key for sustainable facilities management
Reusing resources is a good idea for any business. As a facility manager, it could be your next big move. …
Living Wage Foundation
Why paying the Living Wage is good news for both workers and employers
Millions of UK workers will gain an inflation-busting pay boost from April after the chancellor announced a rise in the…
iso9001 certified cleaning company
Good management- the key to customer satisfaction
Any company that outsources their cleaning to a contractor does so knowing full well that they are paying a premium…
chemical free cleaning products
Why we use chemical free cleaning products
In our last article we highlighted the fact that 1 in 3 employees are urging their employers to declare a…
paper towels vs hand dryers
Paper towels vs hand dryers- the great toilet debate
It’s a surprisingly old debate in the realm of washroom hygiene– is it better to dry your hands with…
hand hygiene office
How to instil good hand hygiene in your office staff
We’ve mentioned before about the top unhygienic practices which staff tend to carry out in the office. One thing we…

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