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Cleaning robots of the future
Cobots, or collaborative cleaning robots, are moving their way into the commercial cleaning industry. What does cobotics mean? Cobotics, as…
Cables in a data centre
3 tips for data centre cleaning
In today’s online-centric world, data centres are fundamental to life as we know…
A NuServe operative wiping a chair.
How can commercial buildings be more eco-friendly?
According to new data, buildings account for roughly 60% of urban carbon emissions.
A NuServe cleaner wiping a shelf.
Some cleaners claim to be green, but are they ISO 14001 green?
As part of our focus on environmental sustainability in the workplace, we thought it time to point out that NuServe…
sick building syndrome
Avoiding sick building syndrome in schools and workplaces
Sick building syndrome is an umbrella term for a range of symptoms that occur to the occupants of a building.
NuServe operative.
NuServe’s search for sustainable uniforms
At NuServe, we’re on a mission to champion sustainability in business; one of our ways we’re doing this is…
NuServe is a sustainable cleaning company.
NuServe’s green practices: our commitment to sustainability
We only have one planet, and most of us have realised the importance of protecting it for today and…
Planet Mark NuServe
A new look to our sustainability mentor
Planet Mark, which measures and certifies our carbon footprint, has today announced a rebrand. Formerly called The Planet Mark, the…
Four ways COVID will change the workplace forever
The coronavirus pandemic has upended so many aspects of our lives, including how and where we work. As more than…
A modern office.
Looking after mental health when your office reopens
Going about my normal business this weekend, I was puzzled by the number of joggers I saw,…
An image of a NuServe operative cleaning.
How changes in the furlough scheme will affect your business
The UK government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furlough) has been widely praised as a bold and effective policy that has…
A NuServe cleaner sanitising a computer keyboard.
Flexible workspaces- how to navigate office cleaning regimes
As flexible working practices become more popular, office space has evolved to accommodate these new practices. In London alone, more than…

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