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A NuServe operative cleaning an office carpet.
3 reasons to clean your office carpet today
When was the last time you had your office carpet cleaned? Do you even remember? You have the cleaners in…
Is it high time you changed your office cleaning provider?
It could just be a few small things playing on your mind, or it could actually be a whole pile…
A dog in an office.
Should you allow your staff to bring their pets into the office?
More and more employers are allowing staff to bring their pets into the workplace. Huge employers like Amazon and Google…
Office cleaning company London
When is the best time to have your office cleaned?
When is the best time to have your office cleaned? The question is as old as offices themselves. Most…
office cleaning habits
The 10 most shameful places in your office
The dirtiest place in your office would be the toilets, right? Well, maybe not, in actual…
A NuServe cleaner vacuuming carpet.
How to keep flu epidemics out of the workplace
Recent figures have revealed that flu cases are again on the increase across the United Kingdom. From Aussie Flu to…
Hot desking, the death of the personal workspace
Hot desking- the death of the personal workspace?
There’s some controversy about whether hot desking in the office is a good thing or not. It can cut office…
A NuServe cleaner using a floor scrubber.
7 things office cleaners can do to improve productivity
For most service businesses, the cost of owning/leasing and operating their workplace accounts for approximately 15% of their total business…

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