19 Oct 2018, 14:45

What Ingredients Make The Perfect Co-Working Space?

The UK business centre sector is booming with 11% annual growth in workers based in shared or serviced offices. These tenants are staying for longer too with the proportion of customers staying longer than 3 years almost tripling between 2013 (14%) and 2016 (39%).

If you want to attract new tenants to your co-working office space - and then retain them year after year - then you need to get all of the basics spot on.

So, what ingredients do you need to put in place to make the perfect shared workspace?

Good Location & Pleasant Environment

Obviously, you need to make sure that your premises are in the right place and that you are offering a pleasant environment for co-workers to share.

Your offices should be in a great location with really good transport links and ample car parking space. If workers can’t get to your shared workspace easily then you will have next to no chance of renting it out.

And equally importantly, if your shared workspace is not a desirable, clean, bright and pleasant place to work when they get there, then you will never get individuals or businesses to rent from you.

Having The Right Partners

Having trusted partners is key to providing a functional, desirable and clean workspace. Reliable cleaning services, consumable suppliers and IT & internet providers will be essential. Tenants are typically small and young businesses and their employees expect fast internet, recycling facilities and good coffee.

Empty the office bins often (daily or even more frequently, if possible) and offer recycling points to encourage workers to keep your place clean and green.

Put a ‘clean desk’ policy in place so that co-workers clear their desk at the end of the day. This is especially important if you offer an office hot desking environment for people to work in.

Thankfully, we can help you to present a great office environment in many ways. We provide daily cleaning services, housekeeping, waste management, window cleaning, indoor planting services and many other offerings which will have your shared workspace looking pristine at all times.


To attract the maximum amount of potential tenants for your shared workspace you will also need to offer flexibility.

If you can keep your office space open late into the evenings and over the weekends then you could easily put yourself ahead of the competition. This poses security and maintenance issues so again, having a flexible and reliable cleaning partner will prevent some of those late night & weekend service issues.

Solid Infrastructure & Excellent Facilities

If you’ve ticked all of the boxes above, then the next thing to ensure is that your shared workspace is competitive with regards the infrastructure and facilities you can offer to co-workers.

Absolute essentials in this day and age include:

  • Desks & professional-looking office furniture
  • Internet/Wi-fi connectivity
  • Air Conditioning/Heating
  • Photocopiers/Printers
  • Abundant plug sockets
  • Meeting room access

It’s also essential to keep consumables well stocked at all times. Make sure that co-workers have free access to things like:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk
  • Water Coolers
  • Fruit
  • Other Snacks

Again, we can come to your rescue here as we supply all manner of office essentials such as the ones listed above. And, in order to extend the lifespan of your office fixtures and fittings, they’ll require regular maintenance too; something else we’ll be more than happy to help you with!

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