18 Dec 2018, 16:23

Four Great Ways To Make New Office Staff Feel Right At Home

Starting a new office job can be a daunting prospect for many people. Thankfully, however, you as an employer can put a few practices in place to ensure that all new employees feel right at home in your office environment from Day One.

Here are four great onboarding tips which will help make every new member of staff feel welcome in your workplace...

A Welcome Tour Of The Office

If you’ve been working in the office for a while then everything will feel very familiar to you. You know where every department is. You know where the kitchen is. You know where the stairs, lifts and toilets are. Every face is well known to you too.

Such familiarity with your surroundings breeds a strong sense of security that won’t exist for new members of staff.

Thankfully, this is easy to sort by giving every new starter a welcome tour of the office. Show them where everything is and introduce them to key members of staff that they will be working closely with.

They might not remember every single thing and every single person from a whirlwind first day, but it will make them feel more secure and welcome in your office right from the start.

Go Easy On Them At The Start

Unless they already have tons of experience of a similar role in another office, it’s best not to make the first few days at work too stressful for new staff by throwing them in at the deep end.

Start new office staff out with light tasks for the first week or two so that they don’t feel overwhelmed and stressed by the workload.

They will settle in much more easily and feel confident from the outset.

And, obviously, if they feel settled and confident from the get go, they will be ready to handle more work and more taxing tasks further down the line.

Provide Them With A Mentor

Don’t leave new office staff feeling like they have to cope with everything on their own.

Think who would be a natural mentor for the new employee and make sure that person knows well in advance that you will be leaning on them for help in nurturing your new talent once they arrive at the office.

Make sure that this mentor is one of the very first people you introduce your new recruit to, and do everything you can to make them feel comfortable asking for help or seeking answers to questions.

Get Feedback From Your New Hire

At the end of the first day - and again at the end of the first week - get feedback from your new hire.

Do they have anything they need to ask you? Did they find out everything they needed to know? Did they encounter any problems or have any concerns about your workplace?

Not only is this valuable feedback for you, it also makes your new recruits feel that you value their opinion and already consider them part of the team.